HTML 5 Video Audio in Depth

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In this course, author Tanzil contextualizes the state of HTML5 audio and video and shows how to embed media into a web page using HTML5. The course sheds light on configuring the new HTML5 audio and video tags, ensuring backwards compatibility by setting alternative playback methods, encoding the needed file formats, and building custom controls with JavaScript. Also included are tutorials on troubleshooting known issues and reviewing real-world examples of HTML5 audio and video. Topics include: • Understanding the differences in media formats • Preloading, autoplaying, and looping in HTML5 • Setting a video’s width and height attributes • Displaying subtitles and captions • Generating embed code with an embed code builder • Encoding files using HandBrake, Firefogg, and VLC • Creating a load progress bar • Recognizing Android and iOS issues

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