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Cropping is a process of removal of the outer parts/area of an image aid to enhance framing, improve the overall composition, highlighting subject matter or modify aspect ratio (size or dimension of picture). In a simple word we can say cropping an image just means eliminating or trimming off edges. In addition it has a distinguished feature to fix the resolution problem. The remarkable facts of Cropping and Resizing are that it can trim down the image size or resize without scaling or distorting the image.
Anyone may think why they need cropping? Cropping and Resizing is necessary to provide a pleasing frame (composition), and to change the relative position of an aspect on the picture. While the resize picture work is a helpful capacity, in some cases you will need more control over how the measure of the picture is lessened. The Crop image option work enables you to remove a segment of the picture or change the picture measurements without contorting the picture. Resolution is the amount of aspect in an image. It’s measured by the number of dots or pixels per inch it’s also called DPI. A Printing task requires a higher resolution than viewing it on a photo/ image on a computer monitor or screen.

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