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Hair masking is a very important concept, which in the beginning, when introduced, made the edited image more beautiful, attractive and alluring. The concept of mask is just related to filtering. This concept involves the explicit filtering operation to the images which need to be edited. So with respect to this the most image masking experts also called is spatial filtering because they understand what that is the basic of it that a mask in fact is a filter.

Now the questions which arise here are that what in fact is this filtering kind of thing and how it is done? The answer to the former question is that filtering is a process which involves the convulsion of a mask with an image. First there is a mask that an editor wants to convolve in the basic image which he is editing. The best image editors are those who convolve the images with the masks in such a way that it seems that there is no mask in the image and in fact the image is such a beautifully designed that it shows that the mask is present in a real image and it is a part of it. This process involves the similarity of convolution so the filter masks are also called convolution masks. The answer to the later question that how image masking is done is that masking an image involves the moving of filter masks point to point of the original image and the relationship of image and mask is seen in a response which shows how much the mask fits to the image.

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