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Multiple Clipping Paths refers to extension of color by using differing clipping path. In other word we can say Multiple clipping paths is the procedure of using clipping path to change the color of an individual object as whole or parts of an object/ image / photo, that includes color correction or can also includes an extra color effect. Multi Clipping Path is utilized for those pictures that require disengagement of parts. It is done to isolate a few sections of the picture to later change it in Photoshop.
For instance, it might be required that a model must be traveled to Africa with the supporting group, for example, picture takers and other specialized colleagues for a photography session. In any case, this has a tendency to be exceptionally costly for a business. This can be accomplished on the other hand utilizing an expert photograph altering specialist co-op, regardless of whether it is a current photograph from a past occasion, or creating a totally new one. The model can be set in Africa, the garments can be adjusted, objects encompassing the model can be changed/included/expelled, and so forth. This can be finished with the division of the cost of really booking a photography session.

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